the performance was staged in the laboratory of the Modern Theater Workshop

description from Modern Theater Workshop: Our “Club 27” is not about Cobain and Morrison. It’s about us millennials. About a generation born in a new country at the turn of the millennium, misunderstood by parents and unheard by those who were born with a mobile phone in their hand. This is our Manifesto of Not Lost. A frank conversation about the crisis of a quarter of life, growing up, loneliness, dreams and disappointments, finding yourself and relationships with the outside world, based on more than a hundred hours of interviews with those who are 25-30 years old today. “Perhaps over the past couple of years you have seriously thought about the meaning of your life. You may not have found it. Perhaps at least once you were advised to stop toiling garbage. Find a normal job. Get married / get married. Get kids. Take out a mortgage. Finally grow up. This was told to you by ‘real adults’, whose opinion is not accepted to be questioned…”


Idea author and director — Maria Sapizhak

Artist — Elena Sokolova

Choreographer — Margo Rumyantseva

Lighting designer — Alexander Ivanov

Playwrights — Inna Gridina, Maria Sapizhak

Participants — Alena Fedorchenko, Gleb Popandopulo, Georgy Bezlyudnykh, Lera Ivkina, Natalya Palyonova, Pavel Savin, Ruslan Balbutsiev, Masha Ivanenko, Margo Rumyantseva, Alexandra Denisova, Olga Milovidova

Thanks to our partner — the Theater of Generations!