Butoh intensive and street performance on Samhain "The Last Harvest"

October 26, 27, 30 - intensive on Butoh and physical theater.

To prepare people even without experience in Butoh and performance for possible participation in a street Butoh performance, Anastasia Kononchuk and I conducted 3 days of 2.5-hour classes with a dense program: Physical theater. Rhythm, space, composition. Working with image and object. Breaking out of physical and mental patterns. Exploring multiple sources of movement and those already present in your body. Mixing techniques of physical theater, Butoh, and body therapy to help you discover what your body wants to express. Active warm-up. Practices of Japanese movement techniques, born from the external atmosphere, breath, rhythm erasure, aimed at energetic communication with space and the audience.

October 28, 29 - I directed our street performance, setting the general theme, external aesthetics, and key dramaturgical points. The beginning, climax, and finale I designated connected individual works of the participants, which took place simultaneously in the overall flow. I limited our show to 20 minutes. Curated independent etudes with varying degrees of intervention, it was important for me to create conditions for the realization of participants' personal intentions, and I only helped upon request. Each person invented and created their own internal plot, character of existence, costume, and props.

October 31 - performance "The Last Harvest" on the shore of Turtle Lake in Vake Park. Tbilisi, Georgia 2023

Co-organizers and performers: me, Anastasia Kononchuk, Alexey

Performers: Konstantin, Katerina Leonova, Kostya Yukus, Nastya Shitaya

Live music: Andrey

Photos and videos: Vasilisa Artamonova

Poster, video of the ceremonial procession before the street performance, photos from one of the intensive classes.